Forgetting our Babies

So, Im sitting here watching Ant-Man and the Wasp. No this is not a review on a movie, but a line in it got me thinking. There’s a scene, wait, wait, hold on… If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it before I ruin it for you… Done? It wasn’t bad was it?

Anywho, as I was saying, there’s a scene it where Hope and Scott are talking about her mom and how she’s been locked away in the Quantam world microsized. She’s worried about how her mother may have forgotten her (being that she had been in that world since Hope was just a small child).

I know, I know, I should be talking more about Real Estate and all the crazy stuff that’s been going on with it, like the market crashing and mortgage rates spiking. Oh, wait, that hasn’t happened. I will talk more about that in another blog.

Watching this scene got me thinking… Only a child can think about how a parent can forget them. I have watched my little one grow, it has only been seven months, but she has grown. And I have watched our older one grow from a teenager to a woman. Oh man, what did I sign up for??? They are delved in to their own little lives, not even realizing all the planning, mistakes, re-planning, mistakes and going on a whim their parents go through while raising these fragile humans. We can never forget our babies.

Little do these beings know what we go through every day and the sacrifices we make to ensure their tiny days are as great as possible.

During the nights that I am sitting in my makeshift office working late, it is my duty to feed our little bundle of joy. Wifey needs a break sometimes. I warm her milk, check to make sure it’s not too hot, then I carefully and quietly approach her so not to wake her, and move the bottle in to feed her. She attacks like a little zombie eating brains, or a dog to a bone all while fully asleep. Once she has latched on she takes her tiny little hand and grabs my finger and holds on tight.

On the nights that I have the privilege of putting her to sleep, she cries a bit, causes some fuss but eventually after she has her nippy she settles, and starts to play with my beard. She pulls on it, runs her finger through it and while I walk around the house and rock her gently she looks into my eyes and eventually starts to doze off and starts her little snores. (she takes after her mom on that one)

It’s true what our parents said to us when we were younger. “You will understand when you get older” or “You will see when you have your own kids” We used to think that our parents were so mean for punishing us when we did wrong. We hated them when they took things away from us, or not allowing us to go to that party when we did anything wrong. Never really understanding the depth of their exhaustion or patience with us. Until now…

Real estate has been a passion for me since I started in 2008, I have worked extremely hard to build a business, a database and a daily structure to help build a future. But, when I became a father nothing mattered more than to build a future for them. Build a so-called legacy for them to continue.

So… How on God’s green earth can a child ever think that we could forget them? I think it is instilled in to the deepest parts of our minds and hearts whether we wanted it or not…… Parenthood! Mothers have this natural instinct to know what their baby needs when it cries. Fathers have an instinctual urge to protect their young. Although we make our mistakes, and our kids may hate us from time to time, we always look out for their best interest, and our thoughts are always with them. So, no we wont ever forget them.

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