My First Real Blog

I was lying in bed at 1:00am last night tossing and turning because my wife of almost 4 years is about to pop out our second kid and was snoring louder than a semi downshifting using its engine brakes. If this were the Zombie Apocalypse we would be in trouble, they would hear her miles away.

So, what does one do when they can’t sleep, well I decided to start a blog. I’ve dabbled at it here and there for some time now, not consistently and mostly copy and paste of other articles. I’ve admired (from a distance) others doing it, but always thought ‘what will people think?’ I’ve wanted to grow my business for some time and wondered ‘how will I do that without people getting to know me?’ BLOG!!! But what do I blog about??? I love food, yeah that could work, but how many recipes and reviews can I really write? I’m fascinated with cars, technology and any new gadget that I can get my hands on, so why not a review blog on all new stuff? Eh, there’s tonnes of those, and I’m no expert anyways. Bowel movements? Well everyone is posting all sorts of stuff on the old interweb nowadays, although I’m very satisfied with my current situation (fiber helps, B T Dubs) I’m not really into sharing that much with the world. There’s nothing really exciting about reading a bunch of updates about what’s happening in the Real Estate Market today, although I will be posting a lot of that, I’m a Realtor, I wouldn’t be a good one if I don’t share those. But what good is me sharing all those facts with all of you if you don’t know the man under the Realtor hat. I love hats, I wear lots of them, not just literally, but metaphorically as well.

So what topic is my blog going to be on? Well after some careful contemplation, I’ve come to the realization that there’s no way of deciding on one specific topic, so I’ll just write about anything and everything. I may update this thing daily, weekly or monthly. Based on my previous blogs it seems like yearly, I get sidetracked easily, but such is the life of a Realtor.


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